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2009-11-28 17:28:09 by nickbryant

Hello, my name is Nick Bryant. I recently got FL Studio 9, and have been working with it alot, because up til now, I was not very contributional to NG. I'm fairly new to the program, so all reviews with suggestions are greatly appreciated. I hope you get to know me better and I hope my stuff gets good enough to be put on some favorite lists out there!


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2009-11-28 17:30:50

AH! You made the fear of the non-being... sorry for not getting around to that sooner. Life's been busy...

I'll work on it hopefully soon!

nickbryant responds:

Yes I did. :)

My remake probably isn't as good as anyting you can come up with. So you're still welcome to work with it as much as you'd like :)