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I give you a 5/5 on anmation, but a 2 for story and music. It wasn't terrible, but now that you've got such great animating talents, work on developing the piece as a whole :)

TaraGraphika responds:

Yeah, a story that I need, should be doing more storyboards...Thanks!


Even though I didn't know who the Krueger guy was, I still found this movie hilarious. You did a great job with sound effects, staging, and animation. I hope you got an A+ in your class ;)


If you truly made this... go get famous... now.

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Here I am reviewing something of yours again. Everything you make seems to be rushed, you have alot of "talent" it seems for concepts and your flash knowledge must be decent, but it looks like you make things in 15 minutes then post them. Try spending more time on the stuff you make, so that the stuff you make is better.

lgnxhll responds:

ok ill try.......

Fun and addictive.

Great game. Very addicting. I suggest having a music playlist rather than just one song. Maybe different mouses to choose from and possible even have a shooting option with a few enemies tossed in there. Keep up the good work.

Decent work

Good concept, the animation is well... not that great. And it ended sort of ubruptly. Is there no ending screen? Good work though, you have lots of potential.

disdude responds:

Thanks, there is a wining screen what you do to get there is simply not click the click me button but click the continue button that's hidden (its puni!) at the bottom of the screen its a trick =P

(and don't worry I'm aware of my animation problems.....i don't make many videos cause of it D= I'm also kinda new so there could be some things i don't know of)

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It's been a while...

This sounds like a track off of Super Smash Bros. or something, but I liked it. Sounded epic and gave me that player vs. player feel you'd expect when fighting a mysterious starnger in black. A few thigns that didn't work for me quite as well is the mix. The instruments seem to be fighting each other sometimes. Other than that, grwat work. 9/10 5/5. ;)

Oh wow.

Excellent song. My only complaint is that the bongos that come in don't really blend well with the music, rather they sit on top of it. I don't suppose you'll be re-doing this one, but something to think of for next time. I'm definitely downloading. It's pretty awesome overall.

Overall, excellent.

It was amazing, and I loved all the transitions between melodies and the ocassional muffling of the sound. It was good, but not great. All the instruments blended well but one of the notes/chords just didn't seem to sit well with me. It seemed too minor for the song.

Randomizor responds:

Thanks. =D

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