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2011-11-14 14:01:48 by nickbryant

I recently decided to post some of my old graphic design work here. I'm not sure how it will go over since most of it is signatures, but I love to receive feedback. Let it be noted that everything I have posted uses a stock image or render. I plan on eventually being able to take my own photographs to use but I lack the funding I need right now.


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2011-11-14 15:10:43

Hey man, I hate to say this, But photo manipulations like the ones you have up aren't really allowed around here. I admit you did a good job on them, but its the rules. We try to use photographs as little as possible, and since your pieces are centered around them, well, you get it.

Sorry, I really don't want to report them, so I figured I'd let you know so you have a chance to remove them on your own.

nickbryant responds:

Thanks for letting me know, friend. I suppose I'll take them down and do some vector work to post here instead. I haven't been around here in a while so I'm a bit out of the loop.