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It's been a while...

This sounds like a track off of Super Smash Bros. or something, but I liked it. Sounded epic and gave me that player vs. player feel you'd expect when fighting a mysterious starnger in black. A few thigns that didn't work for me quite as well is the mix. The instruments seem to be fighting each other sometimes. Other than that, grwat work. 9/10 5/5. ;)

Oh wow.

Excellent song. My only complaint is that the bongos that come in don't really blend well with the music, rather they sit on top of it. I don't suppose you'll be re-doing this one, but something to think of for next time. I'm definitely downloading. It's pretty awesome overall.

Overall, excellent.

It was amazing, and I loved all the transitions between melodies and the ocassional muffling of the sound. It was good, but not great. All the instruments blended well but one of the notes/chords just didn't seem to sit well with me. It seemed too minor for the song.

Randomizor responds:

Thanks. =D


It's short, but incredibly inspiring. I would love to collaborate on something with you anytime you'd like. Just let me know via PM. I don't see how this could be improved. I'm sure the collab was fantastic :)


It appears as though some of your older work is your best and most powerful. Composing music is nothing to be ashamed of, you can get women by the truckload if you play a piano for them ;D You ought to consider making some more stuff like this. Find the little personal inspirations rather than using them for games :) I don't see how it could be improved and you probably made this years ago, but I still think it's amazing. Make more like this.


A mix between metal and classical music? I'm not sure how I feel about this. I LOVE IT OF COURSE. Metal is one of my favorite music genres, which is why I really like "The Skies Above" by The Black Mages. (I've referenced them in another review already :x) It cuts of very prematurely, however, but the rest of the piece was amazing. Make another like this :3


The beginning reminded me alot of Luigis Mansion, then it built into a more epic orchestral piece. It was transitioned really well, and the melody wasn't bad, but it didn't seem to blend quite as well as your others. It was still really good. especially when it built to that climax at the end. I was overall pleased, but think it wasn't your best work. 9/10 and 5/5.


Pieces like this which the chilling violins in the background give me the strangest feeling. (In a good way; I promise.) It reminds me more of the newest Zelda game's soundtrack. They used alot more piano and violins in it than in previous games. I would suggest making it reach a more powerful climax, because I really love alot of power in music; It seems to hit home alot more. 10/10 and 5/5 though. This was amazing.


Why would you tease me like this? I would love to hear the piano in the middle of which you speak in the below reviews :3 As for this demo, I liked how powerful it is, like most of your orchestral pieces, from the very beginning. I can only imagine where it goes from the "cut off" so naturally this review will be short for such a short submission. Great work, I'll toss you some 10/10 and 5/5


"haven't uploaded in a while, cause of copyright to my game developers - but if you visit my artist page here you should be able to get a fair few of my game pieces"
I suppose you do make these for games and do it professionally, eh? (No wonder I saw the potential xD) The farther I dabble, the more I get to know about you (In a not creepy way.) As for the piece, it seems to remind me of "The Skies Above" by The Black Mages. It has a great piano intro that man like yourself would probably enjoy. I thought it was beutiful but not as powerful as it could've been. The piano seemed too soft throughout, but I still give you 10/10 and 5/5 :)

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